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Why 31 Should Be Retired



I believe that the number 31 should be retired for NHL team the Philadelphia Flyers. I believe in this so much I have took matters into my own hands to create an online campaign petition to send in to the flyers after we reach signature amount goal. This number has not been used since Pelle's death during the 1985/86 season which was 20 years ago. Us Flyers fans believe that this is over due because Pelle Lindbergh was a great between the pipes,dedicated, and fan friendly.

Pelle Lindbergh was a great goaltender in Flyers history. He was able to accomplish many career achievements.

Lindbergh was one of the few players to represent the Flyers in the 1984 NHL All star game. Pelle Lindbergh won the Venzia Trophy in 1985. This would make him the first European goaltender to win this award. Lindbergh help Team Sweden win the bronze medal for ice hockey in the 1980 Olympics. Pelle Lindbergh was the only swedish goalie to really make it to the NHL.

Lindbergh was a dedicated hockey player. When Pelle was back in sweden he practiced constantly. This is why

he was able to have such a quick exellecent start in the nhl. His days of hard practice paid off when he made Team Sweden and later drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers. His skills earned himself the nickname "The Gumper".

Pelle Lindbergh very fan interactive. He would stop and take the time to sign autographs. Their is a few pictures of him posing for a picture with young kids. Whenever he would go to a after game party he didn't have a problem taking to some one he didn't know and liked having close friends and fellow team players over to hang out over his house.

This is way his number should be retired. He won awards during his career with the Flyers and had a great person. No one has wore this number since his time. We believe we need to offically retire the number to give Pelle the honor and respect that he deserves. Us Flyers fans believe his number should be raise to the rafters.

Justin Marion




1.Pelle accomplished alot in his short career with the flyers. Which makes his career worth remembering.

2.1980 Lake Placid Olympics Swedish Bronze Medalist

3.People have changed there number from pervious teams out of respect.

4.When people requested for 31 they refuse to hand it out.

5.Its been off ice for 20 years.

6.1984-85 season won the Vezina Trophy

7.First  European Goalie to win Vezina.

8. Since he was the first euro that would make him the first sweden goaile to win the Vezina.

*This page was updated 11/8/06