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Good Evening, Ny Name Is Justin Marion and I am from the Online Campaign Movement to Retire Number 31 for The Philadelphia Flyers.

Our Movement has been around since 2006. We like to inform you that Drunk Driving should have nothing to do with not allowing yourself to retire Pelle's number.

Canadiens retired 33 for Roy after his Spouse Abuse Episode with his wife.

St Louis Blues retired 3 for Bob Gassoff who died during the season while DRUNK DRIVING.

Phildelphia Eagles retired 99 for Jerome Brown and he died cause of the same causes as well.

The idea of it making Lindbergh look like not a good role model is not a vaild reason,

Nationwide Famous Singer Songwriter John Lennon is a huge influence on other musicians and that man was a druggie at one point
People are influnced by his MUSIC AND VIEWS OF ART, not his personal choices.


610 217 4051

PS. I remember a man saying something of this nature "We're The Philadelphia Flyers and Lets not care what other teams and people think lets play our game." and I believe that man was

Ed Snider.